images (3) My personal experience with Implanon had been a very unfortunate journey.  The product Implanon is generally used as a contraceptive but has also had incredible results with stopping periods altogether or making periods lighter. For some though, it can have some very unfortunate side effects. I personally have quite painful cyclic cramping and a migraine with pms. I thought I would give this ago as it is utterly removable (unlike the injections which I have read has had some disastrous side effects reported by some women)

My Implanon was inserted September 2017 by late November 2017 I had it removed and have only now, come February 2018 have begun overcoming the side effects of it.

Firstly, to have it inserted HURTS. Obviously. I received incredible bruising which took two weeks to actually go away. The rod itself is 4cms long and as wide as a matchstick. So quite a bit of general needs to be placed around to get it in without you writhing in pain.

Many women are lucky to experience no periods whatsoever. For me, the side effects were felt within 24 hours, I was emotionally overwhelmed. Even the sight of emotionally charged ads on tv would make me cry. My first cycle was light and great. The second cycle was 14 days of non-stop bleeding. While it is recommended to “get used” to implanon. My short time on implanon, was horrific for me and it was something I was not going to endure considering the information about the rare side effects which had been seen in studies.  My time on Implanon made me feel emotionally detached, I suffered headaches, angered easily and my sex drive was below freezing the moment it was inserted and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was conscious of these things but hoped the symptoms would subside… however the symptopms actually got worse so I was not having a bar of that.

I had the Implanon removed which was not too bad of an ordeal besides they fact it was so embedded in there, that my doctor had a very hard time removing it. To this day I still have a scar on my arm to the degree of thinking it was still in there. The insertion site still hurts and it has now been 3 months and finally, regularity seems to be coming back.

I do know some people love it, however, for me it was a very unfortunate experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. The studies of the side effects are incredibly scary and it is something you just don’t read until you open the massive multi-folded pamphlet.


Rating: If I could give it zero stars I would.



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