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 Let the peeling party begin

“Baby Foot” a Product that many have been raving about for some time and of course it is right up there for a product that people have been asking me to review.

I ordered Baby Foot directly online and I was very excited to try this product. You basically apply the plastic footsies on with some magical cooling concoction inside it which I personally disliked the feeling of but I persisted!

As a person who does experience rough heels I thought this would be a godsend… after all the raving I have read about it! “It will peel your feet” they say. “You can see your feet peeling after using it!” and you know what… indeed it did peel!

It peeled every piece of perfect skin beside my rough heels. I have no idea what good this could have done my feet beside giving me a feeling that I probably should not have immersed my foot in this product.

Rating: Pointless.


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