Purifying Mud Mask Enriched with Aloe Vera

Best Face mask I have EVER USED.

I was given a sample for this product and I finally decided to give it a whirl.

A lot of people commented on my make up the day I used the mask

and how flawless it was. Usually my make up looks great, until I put my glasses on and I can see my pores and it doesn’t look so hot.

Before my makeup application, I tried the purifying mud mask by Health and Beauty Minerals I was beyond overjoyed when I rinsed it off.

I have been a serial mask user for as long as I can remember and the only feeling they ever seem to give me was just feeling

like I was pampering myself.

This mask costs $24.99 (not HUNDREDS like I am used to) I am flabbergasted and overjoyed and I know my make up was flawless due to the

tightening it did to my pores.

Grab yours here:


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