Photo 24-6-18, 5 12 19 pm Maui Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Having long wavy hair my entire life has taken a lot of fine tuning when it comes to choices of shampoos and conditioners. I have to admit, I have to do very little to my hair to style it but when it comes to washing and conditioning, I am a pretty tough customer.

The Maui moisture shampoo and conditioner certainly come in interesting bottles. As a big observer and commenter on packaging,  the Maui packaging felt like a cross between a hot sauce bottle and tanning accelerant. I had the choice of two to use today and I chose the Shea butter opposed to their coconut (which I will still try even though coconut is my least liked scent on the planet.)

I will be honest, after using hairdressers expensive brands forever and a day. I was sceptical of something a hairdresser didn’t hand to me.

The shampoo itself was thick and smelt pleasant and I could tell it did its job. Then came the most important product to me… The conditioner! I knew instantly it was great. Now I should point out that this conditioner is silicone free so when I used this conditioner and my hair was immediately soft and smooth, I was genuinely shocked.

I did not realise the extent of its awesomeness when it came to wetbrushing my hair. This conditioner made this effortless. Once done I let it air dry and was left with soft, shiny hair. Utterly enthralled!

I went on to simply straighten my hair once dry, I used no other products whatsoever. The shine is thanks to Maui Moisture! A job well done!

Australians can purchase from priceline here:


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