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I have to say when I first viewed the packaging, I was impressed. White and gold? yes please. Popping open the beautifully designed oragami like lid to reveal a glorious mirror finish gold lid. I decided to put this glorious looking piece in the bathroom, ready for my evening routine but swapping out my moisturiser with this… and boy, what a treat it was.

Let’s start with the scent. Oh my god, take me to sweet heaven. You know, even if this didn’t work, I would still actually use it, purely for the fragrance it has!

The texture is so amazing, a solid balm indeed that melts into your skin. I have now been using this product for 3 weeks and have seen a wonderful improvement in the moisture of my skin. I have not experienced the dryness around my chin as I have previously suffered. I am utterly a massive fan of this product. Will absolutely keep it tied in with my nightly (and morning.. and whenever I feel like I want a bit of bliss) routine!



File Jul 19, 11 59 33 PMWhat a delight to try Chantecaille’s Rose de Mai Face Oil.

The micro sample pod given to me took my senses to heaven in a breath and even though this face oil is indeed “oil” It simply does not have that greasy feeling whatsoever. Utterly sold on this amazing item already. The scent alone leaves me in a world of utter bliss and pampering!





10588596-1328284291-214465I have never in my life had such high praise for a product!
Recently I had a lovely weekend away and popped into a beautiful dayspa @angourie
On the final day I was leaving, I spied a few products in the display case that I wanted. They were my typical loves of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser duo.
I did notice another pack which took my fancy but it had a hand and nail cream in it. Sigh… I got it anyway
I started using the triple pack at night and put this other 3 pack in the ensuite. I found myself in LOVE with the scent of the hand cream so on and on I used it.
I woke up literally 4 days later, literally shocked at how HARD and strong my nails were. I was shocked at how perfect the skin was around my cuticles. The skin on my entire hands is literally far smoother
(the previous week I was painting a LOT and had such dry skin) I was trying to think, how is this even possible… I was only using the hand cream for the scent, I had forgotten
it had other beneficial properties! I was religiously using other scented handcreams nightly (yes for the scent Smile and NOTHING ever made my hands and nails the haven they are now.
So what can I say, I am so impressed with this product… it actually works. I cannot praise it enough!
Here is the travel size available from Elemis!
ELEMIS Pro-radiance hand and nail cream 20ml TRAVEL     $12.00  FREE SHIPPING Australia wide

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  • Hylamide SubQ Eyes

Stop life for a moment. As most of you know, I have eye products for days and I know when I am onto something amazing when I keep going back to reach for the same product. Hylamide SubQ eyes is a product that I grab every single morning and I have been using it religiously for over a month now.

We are forever exposed to mountains of “reduce puffiness” “reduce wrinkles” products, we go out and grab them and fizzzzzle, sad face… I can say I was delighted with this product.

I find this product hydrates my skin immediately and indeed it makes the skin around my eye area look and feel far more awesome than in its “before” state.

I am so enthralled with it and for those of you who are prone to lack of sleep, this will be one big lifesaver for your eye area.

You know I am a lover of packaging and The Abnormal beauty company knocks this one out of the park.

Let’s have a look at what the website says:

For short and longer-term visible correction of under-eye aging, puffiness and dark 
High-strength serum concentrate uses a wide array of peptides, plant saccharides and 
active technologies to rehydrate the fragile eye area below and above the surface, 
while targeted technologies visibly improve fine lines, crow's feet, puffiness and dark circles. Offers results immediately, within days and within weeks.

Buy from $52 aud

Rating: 5star