KLARA Shy Blush

The wizards from Klara cosmetics have done it yet again. This time we have a high pigmentation Blush with 2 colours.

On the left we have a lighter pink for the more subtle approach ad the right we have a darker pink. Trust me, you hardly have to load any on your brush to pack a punch.

In a gorgeous round compact, we see multi levels, the mirror inside the lid, the blusher level and then the little storage area for the little black brush.

Price $45.00aud From KLARA (also available from Coles)


LUMA- By Jess Hart

This is my “go-to” blusher. There was no shortcuts when creating this magnificence of a blusher, I can tell you that much.

I came across the LUMA brand one day at Priceline and was totally taken in by the glorious pink packaging. I discovered the blush section and this… “peach” was mine to take home.

It it so beautiful and flawless and also.. might I add totally natural looking on. It’s performance has scored it a special place in my TOP makeup drawer… which is my daily routine make up! SCORE!

I love the packaging of this.. It makes this item so easy to find, that.. and time and time again we see companies taking short cuts having mini mirrors, half mirrors and I am SO happy that Luma is a brand that is user friendly. This indeed makes this amazing blusher receive “carry in your bag” bonus points because of this full size mirror. The mirror is deep set in the compact also so it is not banging against the product and is indeed a real mirror.

This product is not tested on animals.

Price $24.95aud Buy here from LUMA


LUMA Jess Hart Blusher SOFT PEACH

This is by far one of my favourite blushers EVER. This is one amazing colour indeed. I first came across LUMA in Priceline. At the time I was browsing an array of foundations and there stood a beautiful stand full of almighty pinkness!

I have to admit, I am a packaging fiend. I love packaging so much and I have to say every time I see this perfectly square compact with peach goodness, it makes me smile. It has a beautiful hard plastic case with an absolutely perfect mirror without having to take shortcuts with half mirrors as many do. It is perfect… It is complete and in my opinion, the best blusher on the market.

I know it is a staple of my makeup routine and the glorious thing about it is….the amount you need is so tiny to make a big impact.

When on the run I have used this as an eyeshadow also.

$24.95aud from LUMA

10gm 36oz