Hourglass is one amazing brand. I was besotted by the Hourglass triple bestselling “ambient lighting” palette and mine was sadly getting down to the bottom of the pan. I came across the newer 6x

Now before I begin, keep in mind that the original TRIPLE ambient lighting palette ($87aud) has 3x pans measuring approx 4cms x 4cms per pan. This is incredibly generous and a PERFECT size for contour brushes.

This 6 colour palette priced at $117 gives the illusion that it is the ultimate looking highlighting palette but in reality it is quite small, with each of the pans measuring a little over 3cms x 3cms. This poses a big problem because this means that most beauty lovers contouring brushes will be too big to sweep colour and also it will cause sweeping of the bristles into adjacent pans causing the unintended highlights to enter onto the brushes edges. Not a great idea.

It is a great palette in general but I would not consider replacing the triple ambient palette with this smaller sized creation.

I will feature these two palettes side by size so you can see the difference.

2015-11-16 16.55.35

Price: $117 available from Mecca Maxima