Photo 24-6-18, 5 12 19 pm Maui Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Having long wavy hair my entire life has taken a lot of fine tuning when it comes to choices of shampoos and conditioners. I have to admit, I have to do very little to my hair to style it but when it comes to washing and conditioning, I am a pretty tough customer.

The Maui moisture shampoo and conditioner certainly come in interesting bottles. As a big observer and commenter on packaging,  the Maui packaging felt like a cross between a hot sauce bottle and tanning accelerant. I had the choice of two to use today and I chose the Shea butter opposed to their coconut (which I will still try even though coconut is my least liked scent on the planet.)

I will be honest, after using hairdressers expensive brands forever and a day. I was sceptical of something a hairdresser didn’t hand to me.

The shampoo itself was thick and smelt pleasant and I could tell it did its job. Then came the most important product to me… The conditioner! I knew instantly it was great. Now I should point out that this conditioner is silicone free so when I used this conditioner and my hair was immediately soft and smooth, I was genuinely shocked.

I did not realise the extent of its awesomeness when it came to wetbrushing my hair. This conditioner made this effortless. Once done I let it air dry and was left with soft, shiny hair. Utterly enthralled!

I went on to simply straighten my hair once dry, I used no other products whatsoever. The shine is thanks to Maui Moisture! A job well done!

Australians can purchase from priceline here:


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Sigma Flat Kabuki F80“Foundation freak” That could very well be my alternate name.

All my life I have had a very deep fascination and fixation with foundation. Yes… I was a finger applying type.

I found so called “foundation” brushes leaving streaks all over my face. I tried sponges, beauty blenders and I have to say the Grand Champion winner of the foundation world is easily the Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush.

I have used so many brands of stippling brushes and this one…. Well I can tell you, the photos for “Look of the day” and nearly all other photos unless expressed otherwise feature this epic Kabuki Brush. I actually bought 2 of them (yes identical) because I love them so much. This brush makes even the most mediocre foundation apply flawlessly without streaks, stripes, messy hands and stained looking sponges.

Purchase here: Price $26.00

yep! they ship worldwide. Insane bargain

Score: 10/10

SIGMA FLAT KABUKI F80 Grab one here 

Unique Feature: Dense and flat head
Function: Buffed foundation application
Recommended Use: Blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax®

Brush Image credit: Sigma Cosmetics

Gallery Images: Photos where Sigma Kabuki F80 was used


sigmablendkitI was one of those girls who would turn to Youtube so many times to learn the “Smokey Eye tutorial”. I was left looking like a 2 year old had put eyeshadow on me.
Indeed I was sad. Smokey eyes is something I always wanted to perfect but I never could work it out.

I went off and bought identical eyeshadows… no dice. I would end up wiping the mess of blackness from my eyes over and over again, bowing my sorry panda looking face in a pile of make up wipes.

For a person like me who adores the dark look, I had to have damned smokey eyes! I would marvel so much at these artists who I thought had that special something that I lacked from inside. It wasn’t practice because lord knows how often I tried this “look”.

I always had an issue with eyeshadow in the crease and I finally came across a brush that led me immediately to having the same “masterful” hand as the Youtube “beauty Gurus”. Turn your attention to that 2nd brush from the right. The blonde and dark tip one “Pointed Crease  E48″ Then the 2nd from the left… the “Diffused Crease E38″ THESE brushes are a gift from the eyeshadow gods from above.

The first time I used the pointed crease brush, I was gobsmacked. It was like it had this symbiotic relationship with the eyeshadow and my hand and applied the shadow flawlessly, perfectly without having to guess where to stop. It.. knew

This is the kit I bought when I had enough of using an array of other brands. These are my staple brushes for eyeshadow.

I realised it wasn’t all about the “guru” It was wielding a tool where it DOES matter. It has little to do with the masterful hand.

This Christmas grab one of these kits. They are absolutely amazing.

ThePerfect Blend Kitcontains six eye brushes designed for all of your basic blending needs. The assortment of brushes provide a variety of uses such as working shadow into the crease, buffing out harsh lines and blending colors for a diffused finish. Whether you want to go from subtle to sensational or sharp to smoked-out, this is the perfect kit.

Brushes Include:

E32 – Exact Blend™: Blend intense color onto to the outer corners of the eye.
E37 – All Over Blend™: Best for going over your entire lid to blend any harsh lines.
E38 – Diffused Crease™: Blend strong color into crease for a diffused effect.
E39 – Buff and Blend™: Best for blending of smaller areas for a precise finish.
E48 – Pointed Crease™: Use tip of brush to pick up darker shades and apply using a rolling motion for crease control.
E71 – Highlight Diffuser™: Best to highlight areas such as the brow bone with shorter side of brush or to soften edges.
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