AUSTRALIS – Contour and Highlighting Kit

Australis sets womens make up artistry love ablaze with their contour and highlighting kit which is blowing open the secrets of makeup artists worldwide.

Contouring and highlighting is the magic that is no longer privvy to the make up artists of A lists and celebrities of the world.  It can make a crooked nose look straight. It can make a big nose look smaller, it can make a long face look shorter with the trick of light and shadow.

Featuring the 6 shades. Three of lightening/highlight (one with shimmer) and 3 with the darker contouring colours.

This is the be all end all gift for all women of all ages and WHAT?! $16.95aud EXCUSE ME?

The wizards from Australis were SO cool that they even have a tutorial guide, step by step on the back of the palette! So this is indeed for everyone who wants to be more creative with their make up ways!

This kit stacks up against the other contour highlighting kits out there. (I should know.. I have all of them)