Product: Master Kajal liner

Brand: Maybelline New York

This is by FAR my favourite and “go to” eyeliner in my ENTIRE collection when it comes to KHOL liners. I have tried many many khol liners that are supposed to be soft, glides on easy and they have not cut it. They have dragged my skin, burned my eyes.

Maybelline Master Kajal is flawless. Its does not have that traditional  pencil encasing where you have to continually sharpen it, breaking it. Its body is hard plastic with a gorgeous and precise tip.

This formula is so blendable, soft and goes straight onto the waterline without any irritation whatsoever. I love it! It goes on BLACK without mucking around.

I have used this eyeliner for a lot of my black and white photo shoots and it is sexy and pops

The only thing I would like to see happen with this is perhaps have a smudging tip on the other end and that would make it one sublime heaven for eyeliners.