yumI bought this cute top and skirt today from Atomic cherry and it is on its merry way to my hot little hands right now. I hope you all like it. I was feeling a little gothy vamp (surprise surprise) They have a size range from 8-20 and they do make custom orders for larger sizes too for those bbw rockabilly and vamp princesses out there

I really adore the cut of the top. It is extremely sexy indeed! It was $49aud and I couldnt resist this skirt for $35 with that gorgeous lace at the bottom :swoon:

I also saw this magazine the other day and here it is again! How cool is this


xGorgeous bag I spied from Rockmans today. Gorgeous contrasted blue material strip zip and blue side trims with graduated tassel. The design is fully embroidered and is much more pink in person and this is why it took my fancy!

I could imagine this vibrant genius of a piece teamed up with a cute little blue or plain white dress.

I snatched this up for only $20aud instore today.

Rockmans have outdone themselves with this epic Amber Rose clutch which will leave an accessory wearer for dead.