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So here we have a very anticipated “Vanish” stick foundation by Hourglass. This product has been peddled by a lot of makeup gurus but is it as awesome as they say.
First let me say, ensure your face is super moisturised as the formula is quite thick. It blends fantastically and does not leave awful powdery marks in the pores but it DOES settle in creases and if you do have dry skin, I would say it would not be the best choice . The longevity of this foundation is not awesome, it rubs off very easily so you’re going to need to invest in some setting powder. Sigh!
I am absolutely dying to get to the design so let’s do this. We have gurus ooohing and aaahing over the sleek triangular design and this made me super suspicious because it is the worse design in source history for a foundation (besides Napoleons paddle stick for his “set” foundations)
File Sep 29, 11 58 12 PMThe design LOOKS beautiful.. but seriously, A sharp edged triangular shape that you are using to apply foundation directly onto your face.
So, you wind this foundation up to a level that you’re comfortable with but if you wind it too far and put the cap on, you will lose your stick as it will get smashed inside the cap. Remember, it is triangular, so in order for you to put the cap on, it must align to the matching triangular cap design.
If you don’t wind it up enough, you will get a scratched face. So yes, you have to wind down and realign the edges for the cap to go on.
I ponder how is a flat sided design even useful on a face? I have no idea. This product has mixed reviews from the makeup community.
Size: 7gm
Price: $67aud
Buy from: Mecca Maxima






  • HylamidePhotography foundation 30ml – shade: transparent

This review is about a product I was incredibly skeptical about. A photography foundation in “transparent” (the other options are golden tan and dark tan.)

Lord knows what a foundation lover I am so when I swatched this, I looked and said.. no chance I will like this.

Hylamide photography foundation can be applies under or over foundation or on its own and I have tried ALL ways  (even mixed WITH foundation) and I have to say wow. This product is amazing with the no foundation option and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the results regardless of how good/bad their skin is.

In this photo I am not wearing any normal foundation

I would honestly leave the house wearing this without added foundation. This product is amazing enough to be a standalone foundation and that is saying something.

2016-01-16 07.41.31-1I honestly cannot get over HOW my skin looks, especially the pores. The feeling of not needing to use concealer, blend and buff with layers of this and that is fantastic!

Let’s have a look at what the website says:

Finisher Photography Foundation


Clinically-advanced serum to target multiple aspects of under-eye
aging at once.
Contains a Flavanoid Glucoside Bio-active to reduce visible darkness under the eyes
Contains a Darutoside complex for a lifted upper lid appearance and reduced visible
Contains a Waglerin-1 Peptide Complex shown to reduce the look of dynamic lines around the eyes
Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex
A novel technology that promotes better visible anti-aging results than Retinol with
less irritation
Fluorinated Perfluorocarbon Complex
An extraordinary technology that offers visible tightening of the under-eye area both immediately and in the longer term


Buy from $38aud Rating: 5star

KLARA CC CREAM foundation 8 in 1

Holy moly of the grails of foundations. Klara has struck yet again. This is one epic foundation and packs a more awesome punch than MAC does. If youre a MAC lover, just put it away and give this foundation a go.

Lets have a look at the 8X promises on the front of the packet. 

  • 24 hour long lasting –
  • Oil free matte finish
  • spf 15+ protection
  • Moisturises
  • Evens skin tone
  • Full coverage and lightweight
  • Moisturises and prevents premature ageing

For this foundation, I’ve used both a beauty blender and  foundation brushes. I have to say, I prefer a foundation brush. The one I have been using lately is–> Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush.

This is absolutely at the moment one of my TOP 3 foundations and as you all know… I have so many foundations to the point of hoarding.

Well done yet AGAIN Klara 10/10

Price: $49.00 Buy here from KLARA COSMETICS



PicMonkey CollagedLUMA – Liquid foundation

Jess Hart brings us the LUMA liquid foundation in the pump pack. This foundation is quite amazing in the fact it has a sunscreen in it (15+) but you cannot smell it.

I am a sunscreen smelling radar and you literally cannot smell it in this foundation. WIN! Jess Harts LUMA foundation is very lightweight. I would go so far as to say this is almost like a tinted moisturiser. This is ideal for anyone who doesnt need a lot of coverage to mature/ sun damaged skin.

It doesnt have that powerdery base that seeps into wrinkles and is light enough for those who dont need a lot of coverage just that right amount for an even tone.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients of this.

Enriched with nourishing Fruit Oils, Shea Butter, Wheat Protein Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin A antioxidant to help strengthen and nourish the skin’s natural renewal process and continually protect your complexion against damage caused by free radicals and environmental factors.

This is a perfect foundation for those days where you’re going for that natural look. I would even replace my sunscreen for my face with it.

Price: $29.95 from LUMA 


Sigma Flat Kabuki F80“Foundation freak” That could very well be my alternate name.

All my life I have had a very deep fascination and fixation with foundation. Yes… I was a finger applying type.

I found so called “foundation” brushes leaving streaks all over my face. I tried sponges, beauty blenders and I have to say the Grand Champion winner of the foundation world is easily the Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush.

I have used so many brands of stippling brushes and this one…. Well I can tell you, the photos for “Look of the day” and nearly all other photos unless expressed otherwise feature this epic Kabuki Brush. I actually bought 2 of them (yes identical) because I love them so much. This brush makes even the most mediocre foundation apply flawlessly without streaks, stripes, messy hands and stained looking sponges.

Purchase here: Price $26.00

yep! they ship worldwide. Insane bargain

Score: 10/10

SIGMA FLAT KABUKI F80 Grab one here 

Unique Feature: Dense and flat head
Function: Buffed foundation application
Recommended Use: Blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax®

Brush Image credit: Sigma Cosmetics

Gallery Images: Photos where Sigma Kabuki F80 was used