Photo 24-6-18, 5 12 19 pm Maui Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Having long wavy hair my entire life has taken a lot of fine tuning when it comes to choices of shampoos and conditioners. I have to admit, I have to do very little to my hair to style it but when it comes to washing and conditioning, I am a pretty tough customer.

The Maui moisture shampoo and conditioner certainly come in interesting bottles. As a big observer and commenter on packaging,  the Maui packaging felt like a cross between a hot sauce bottle and tanning accelerant. I had the choice of two to use today and I chose the Shea butter opposed to their coconut (which I will still try even though coconut is my least liked scent on the planet.)

I will be honest, after using hairdressers expensive brands forever and a day. I was sceptical of something a hairdresser didn’t hand to me.

The shampoo itself was thick and smelt pleasant and I could tell it did its job. Then came the most important product to me… The conditioner! I knew instantly it was great. Now I should point out that this conditioner is silicone free so when I used this conditioner and my hair was immediately soft and smooth, I was genuinely shocked.

I did not realise the extent of its awesomeness when it came to wetbrushing my hair. This conditioner made this effortless. Once done I let it air dry and was left with soft, shiny hair. Utterly enthralled!

I went on to simply straighten my hair once dry, I used no other products whatsoever. The shine is thanks to Maui Moisture! A job well done!

Australians can purchase from priceline here:


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Product: Repl.ends Spray

Brand: NAK

Over the years I have been after 2 specific things when it comes to haircare. That is the first… performance and the second… literally, the scent.

I have tried nearly every single salon product in Australia and the product I CONTINUALLY go back to is NAK Repl.ends spray. The smell is DIVINE.

NAKs range was first introduced to me by one of the many hairdressers I have had and this one stuck for life. I get compliments everywhere I go on both the condition of my hair and the smell.

Nak is absolutely amazing.

The straightener I use is EXCLUSIVELY GHD. This is one possession I have NEVER had to replace. I have tried other straighteners in the past with lacklustre results. GHD is the only straightener I would remotely consider.

A leave in moisturiser that detangles, protects and imparts brilliant shine and strength, improving pliability and manageability.

sulphate free . paraben free . detangle . protect  Product sizes: 250ml

Available from: NAK

Straightener from: GHD







The Detangler. 

At first glimpse you doubt the power of these whispy little bristles.

It is one of “those brushes” you view on the shelves and think will just glide over a mess of knots, nicely coating the tangled mess that lurks within.

This is NOT the case. This brush is absolutely amazing. It is very lightweight, comfortable to use and WORKS.

I just saw this available for Aussies via Woolworths Catalog here 

This is awesome and gentle on wet AND dry hair and does not rip it to pieces. This brush is idea for children and those who have sensitive scalps.

Here are the promises shown on the back of the packaging of the product:

  • Bristles glide effortlessly through tangles and knots.
  • For use with on wet and dry hair.
  • No more tears detangling for children.
  • Adds shine to the hair which invigorating and massaging the scalp.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use in either hand.
  • Contoured bristles form to the shape of the scalp.
  • Lightweight with non slip grip ensures optimal control and minimises damage caused by tugging and pulling.

Score: 10/10


Totally astounded by the results of this product.