esppppI was first introduced to MOR when I was staying at the beautiful Bondi Beach in a gorgeous beach apartment overlooking the beauty which Bondi is known for. Having lived on the Gold Coast for many years, beaches to me are nothing spectacular however the culture of Bondi Beach is so beautiful.

Even though everything there seems thrown together with this take it or leave it vibe, you know that everything you interact with there has an expensive air to it.

It is a suburb where everyone fits in by being themselves, doing whatever, however but even with this mix match style.. they do it so damned well.

The beach apartment I stayed in was owned by a beautiful woman who held meditation classes for students. The apartment was as she left it as she let it out to me as she was away. Fresh organic produce left on the bench for us, a fridge full of food and to my utter delight, she left her bathroom basin with a world of delight at my fingertips. What an angel!

PicMonkey CollageThis is where I was first introduced to MOR products, a hand cream sitting nearly next to a very expensive perfume and other soaps and treasures. From that point onwards, I could identify MOR and always associated it with my beautiful getaway to Bondi Beach.

Today, I was able to try the handcream by MOR “Neroli Clementine” (Clementines are a cross between mandarins and a sweet orange) This is a scent upon first smell I had a love hate relationship with immediately. If anyone knows me, they know I detest the scent of orange but this hand cream, I have to say has won me over even though I have always been anti citrus.

Neroli Clementine is really beautiful and youthful in scent. I would recommend the scent as a gift for any age. As this scent wears away, you are left with a beautiful flowery fragrance that is so sweet and feminine.

Price:80ml $14.95aud

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