ESPER005Matte lips are in at the moment and Australis has knocked us out of the park with their new range of Velourlips Matte Lip Cream.
We are seeing Matte lipsticks coming out with similar designs and trust me… I own all of them!
I have to say Australis Velour Lips win the taste prize. They smell DIVINE! I am one of those people who not only needs super
staying power but I like my cosmetics to smell nice!
Australis have succeeded in this regards that’s for sure.
Whilst other brands with matte ranges are high priced, Australis are ever competitive with PHENOMENAL staying power (scent!) cruelty free! and pigment will blow your socks off
with the price set at $9.99aud
Australis time and time again astounds me with their products. They are AMAZING. They stack up to the likes of high end brands in all their ranges and I can say, that this brand is a staple of my daily make up routine





SCORE! I was lucky enough to sneak into priceline at Christmas and grab a lipstick by Australis called “Colour Inject” shade: “Make a wish”. It was literally in a $3 clearance basket!! What the HELL?! There were foundations and all sorts of things and all we’re $3. Needless to say I went on a frenzy!

I loved this lipstick  SO MUCH that I went back BOXING DAY to see if there were more and YES! Scored 2x more!



klara1I have been doing my grocery shopping at the local Coles supermarket and found myself in my favourite aisle (health and beauty) time and time again eyeing this new brand placed next to the mainstream brands.

This brand was twice as expensive and I thought… “what is this doing here?”

The mystery of the foundation costing the same as MAC peaked my curiosity.

But you know me… I can NEVER buy just one thing… I ended up spending $260 on cosmetics (yes in Coles) and most of it was this interesting brand that I just had to sort out. The brand was “Klara Cosmetics” Sleek black packaging and lord knows security tags all over them to combat people stealing these makeup gifts from beyond.

“Kiss Proof Lips” We’ve heard it ALL before… We’ve seen it with dual ended wands with a built in lipgloss making our lips feel like we’ve stuck dried honey all over them and fail in this fallacy “24 hour stay proof” department.

Today… I tried Klaras Kiss Proof Lips in “03 Passion Pink” with the promises of 24 hour long lasting durability. It applied flawlessly, an incredible Matte finish, not streaky… not sticky and not these “wet 24 hour lipstain types” that kiss off on everything.

I got in the car…I had breakfast consisting of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hash brown and a drink.. and I tell you this there was no kissing off. I looked as applied as I walked into the place and I find that absolutely ridiculous.

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof lips is FINALLY the first kiss proof brand worthy of a 5 star rating.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Klara range I will be presenting to you as part of the impulsive haul.

You think MAC is the awesomesauce ? You have another thing coming. Clear out the top drawer. These babies are going to be top shelf in your home.