LUMA Daring Curves Mascara

Jess Hart does it again with the pure and natural Daring Curves Mascara. This entire range is so lovely, light and wonderful.

If you are a big lover of “less is more” then this is the mascara for you.

I have my mascara in Ebony Brown which is even better for the natural look. Teamed up with the rest of the Luma range. You will be miss radiance gracing anyone who you pass.

Yet again perfect packaging. Cool silver packaging identifies this mascara in a flash. Props to the designers of this range.

Price: $24.95aud From Luma  

Grab your daring curves here


I don’t think the wizards from Klara could outdo the glory of their foundation and their eyeliner… lo and behold… Klara does it AGAIN

While all the companies are running around with the gimmicky multi layered, multi coated mascaras which we knew were not popular since the dawn of the  “black and white mascaras” to “thicken” and “layer” coats upon coats. Klara cuts out the whole multi product of fibre lashes and streamlines it into ONE.

This mascara is in my top drawer, which means it is my be all end all “go -to” drawer of cosmetics. This mascara has decimated any mascara I have EVER used.

Non drying, generous, applies easily with these wizard fibres makes the need for false eyelashes OBSOLETE!

I can’t say enough for it. I throw all of the other mascaras to the side when Klaras Magic mascara comes into play and trust me… you will too.

You can grab these in the health and beauty aisle from COLES (and like me you can conceal your cosmetic joys from the budget) or buy direct from the website at KLARA here

Well done yet AGAIN Klara 10/10

Price: $35.00 Buy here from KLARA COSMETICS