PicMonkey dnaThe results are in and my mind is blown HOW ACCURATE this is! Being an Australian with my known heritage of Irish / UK was something I expected but what i did NOT expect is the laser accurate matching system they have on the ancestry database.

As soon as I received my results it linked me directly to my nephew as an immediate match. My account is NOT connected with him nor has there been any surname matching as we have different surnames. WOW!

Here is your link to get yours too with discount code I used


10% Discount code: 360610

This is GROUNDBREAKING for those who do not know their relatives, who are adopted and seek connection to family outside the family that may have passed away. This has been one MOVING experience and I look forward to all my DNA matches and catching up with my relatives who I am linked with so beautifully.




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Ancestry - 14 Days Free



So I am finally biting the bullet and ordering my DNA test kit from Ancestry

I have seen so many videos of peoples journeys doing so and I have to admit, I am a little nervous to know! I cannot explain why! I guess because my features are not super typical it makes me curious to know where these traits come from!

In the past DNA kits have let people down with vague details of ones heritage however I noticed that all of the social media experiments, searching for the family roots are using Ancestry, so I watched their journey and I had to be a part of it too!

Here is a breakdown and how they appeared for one of the people who had their DNA tested.


Awesome huh! I think thew most intriguing video I had watched was a forum of people who had very strong views on certain nationalities and the interesting fact was, when they received their results, it showed that their DNA had links to the very countries they felt they had issues with! It changed their thinking very quickly because it shows that they were not so different after all!eth

What I was drawn to was the array of locations that Ancestry breaks it down to. I have seen DNA places in the past link friends with a very rich European history with Africa only which is just not accurate.

When I saw how extensive Ancestry was, I just could not resist so here goes my journey!


“When your results arrive, you’ll see a breakdown of your ethnicity—and it may contain a few surprises. Then, you can start learning more about the places where your family story began.”

Come watch my journey or even better join me too and discover your ancestry too!

Price: $149aud Order Ancestry DNA Test kit 

Ancestry - 14 Days Free


The best photo editing features for free.

Lots of people ask me about my banners and ads on my pages.  For a long time, I painstakingly made them through professional programs such as photoshop. On my phone I would use image apps… but sought out an “app” which was like the ones on my phone but ON my PC. It’s all I wanted. Something SIMPLE.

..and I found it PICMONKEY

I did indeed find the holy grail which was picmonkey, which was voted one of the best design sites on the internet.

This epic site is ideal for novices, even my primary school aged child uses it! That is how simple and user friendly it is!

The guys from picmonkey have provided an extra helping to users and are giving Free trials for the ROYAL FEATURE.

Picmonkey itself is FREE.

You can use it to your hearts content. There are extra fonts etc that you can grab which is…. $2.75 a month! Insane huh.

That is what I do. I make my banners via picmonkey. You can use your own photos. You can edit your own photos with filters.. everything you can think of.. you can do!

<- Click the red banner on the left to give the Royal a whirl. This is awesome for businesses, websites and even editing your selfies <3

Yours truly.

Your sauce for source xx