• Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Brand: LUSH

Just dunk my head in the scent already. I am not going to lie when I tell you I keep this on my desk, sometimes slightly ajar when I am working because the smell of Candyfloss! Bubblegum lipscrub is beyond ridiculous amazing.

I would love everything I own to smell like this actually.

With this simple Vegan friendly to use product you just “Scrub and buff your lips to softness, lick off the excess then apply your favourite Lush lipbalm”

Love this product! It smells divine, it works perfectly and leaves your lips super soft <3 DELIGHTFUL

Buy from Lush Comsmetics  $9.95 aud

Rating: 5star



Product: RESET

Brand: Klara Cosmetics

The slick black packaging I love so much, wraps itself around the new product from Klara in the name of “Reset. This aerodynamic like design has a totally mirrored top.

I inadvertently tested Klara before my road test was underway. I simply tested the consistency of the product (I am curious like this) and it literally exfoliated the pen off my hand with utter ease. My mind was blown already. As you can imagine.. I was excited to use this on my face


I used Reset for a good month with regular use. I found after cleansing with my typical face foam, Klara Reset was really quite amazing. You move the cool gel in gentle circular motion and it really exfoliates in tchrisssssshe most gentle way possible (unlike many exfoliants that make you feel like you’re scrubbing sand on your face.)

Even excess makeup was removed even after I cleansed!  My skin felt plumper. After the month period of using it, I found I reached for it OVER all my other products because I knew what a powerful building block it was to start my makeup routine I certainly don’t have the most awesome skin so I can tell the difference.

I am super happy with the results of Reset and I will let you in on a little secret… I even use this product to remove stay proof lipstick of all varieties! Works like magic! Fantastic!






Reset: Gives your skin new life and a new surface that is radiant, smooth, renewed and ready for makeup application or your favourite skincare product. 
Contains: French honey, bamboo and olive extract.
Reset exfoliates your skin, unblocks and tightens your pores and diminishes the appearance of fine lines instantly!
Suitable for face and body. Reset is a gamechanger that will give you an immediate 
red carpet ready skin look.
How to use: Dab Reset onto the face and rub in a circular motion, working from the 
forehead down to the chin until residue is removed. Allow skin to set for 2 minutes. Your skin will feel softer and more subtle, revealing your reset skin. Excess residue may be rinsed of or simply wipe away with tissue.

Available from Klara Cosmetics and Priceline