PicMonkey dnaThe results are in and my mind is blown HOW ACCURATE this is! Being an Australian with my known heritage of Irish / UK was something I expected but what i did NOT expect is the laser accurate matching system they have on the ancestry database.

As soon as I received my results it linked me directly to my nephew as an immediate match. My account is NOT connected with him nor has there been any surname matching as we have different surnames. WOW!

Here is your link to get yours too with discount code I used


10% Discount code: 360610

This is GROUNDBREAKING for those who do not know their relatives, who are adopted and seek connection to family outside the family that may have passed away. This has been one MOVING experience and I look forward to all my DNA matches and catching up with my relatives who I am linked with so beautifully.




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So here we have a very anticipated “Vanish” stick foundation by Hourglass. This product has been peddled by a lot of makeup gurus but is it as awesome as they say.
First let me say, ensure your face is super moisturised as the formula is quite thick. It blends fantastically and does not leave awful powdery marks in the pores but it DOES settle in creases and if you do have dry skin, I would say it would not be the best choice . The longevity of this foundation is not awesome, it rubs off very easily so you’re going to need to invest in some setting powder. Sigh!
I am absolutely dying to get to the design so let’s do this. We have gurus ooohing and aaahing over the sleek triangular design and this made me super suspicious because it is the worse design in source history for a foundation (besides Napoleons paddle stick for his “set” foundations)
File Sep 29, 11 58 12 PMThe design LOOKS beautiful.. but seriously, A sharp edged triangular shape that you are using to apply foundation directly onto your face.
So, you wind this foundation up to a level that you’re comfortable with but if you wind it too far and put the cap on, you will lose your stick as it will get smashed inside the cap. Remember, it is triangular, so in order for you to put the cap on, it must align to the matching triangular cap design.
If you don’t wind it up enough, you will get a scratched face. So yes, you have to wind down and realign the edges for the cap to go on.
I ponder how is a flat sided design even useful on a face? I have no idea. This product has mixed reviews from the makeup community.
Size: 7gm
Price: $67aud
Buy from: Mecca Maxima





File Sep 29, 11 45 25 PMI first tried this as a sample from David Jones Robina. I fell in love with the scent immediately and without hesitation I bought the full size online.

I have been using it for a few weeks now and though it feels nice to put on,  I can honestly say it has done little for my skin. I don’t feel my skin has improved or become worse.


Size: 30ml
Price: $128aud
Buy from: David Jones