So I am finally biting the bullet and ordering my DNA test kit from Ancestry

I have seen so many videos of peoples journeys doing so and I have to admit, I am a little nervous to know! I cannot explain why! I guess because my features are not super typical it makes me curious to know where these traits come from!

In the past DNA kits have let people down with vague details of ones heritage however I noticed that all of the social media experiments, searching for the family roots are using Ancestry, so I watched their journey and I had to be a part of it too!

Here is a breakdown and how they appeared for one of the people who had their DNA tested.


Awesome huh! I think thew most intriguing video I had watched was a forum of people who had very strong views on certain nationalities and the interesting fact was, when they received their results, it showed that their DNA had links to the very countries they felt they had issues with! It changed their thinking very quickly because it shows that they were not so different after all!eth

What I was drawn to was the array of locations that Ancestry breaks it down to. I have seen DNA places in the past link friends with a very rich European history with Africa only which is just not accurate.

When I saw how extensive Ancestry was, I just could not resist so here goes my journey!


“When your results arrive, you’ll see a breakdown of your ethnicity—and it may contain a few surprises. Then, you can start learning more about the places where your family story began.”

Come watch my journey or even better join me too and discover your ancestry too!

Price: $149aud Order Ancestry DNA Test kit 

Ancestry - 14 Days Free


File Jul 19, 11 59 33 PMWhat a delight to try Chantecaille’s Rose de Mai Face Oil.

The micro sample pod given to me took my senses to heaven in a breath and even though this face oil is indeed “oil” It simply does not have that greasy feeling whatsoever. Utterly sold on this amazing item already. The scent alone leaves me in a world of utter bliss and pampering!






It’s literally…. Finger lickin’ good… and I sense that nail polish gurus/lovers will be sourcing this amazing marketing product!

Hong Kong is where is is all happening at the moment.. if you like edible nail polish! KFC food giant has launched it’s own edible nail polish in the flavour of Original and Hot & Spicy secret herb coatings.

Paint it on, wait for it to dry and off you go, right into Colonel Sanders paradise of secrets.

The nail polish is “sourced from natural ingredients” to ensure customers feel safe, a KFC spokesperson told CNN.

It comes in a “designer bottle and box” and has been promoted on social media with the release of a music video.

“The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavour, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish,” Ogilvy & Mather creative director John Koay said.

10588596-1328284291-214465I have never in my life had such high praise for a product!
Recently I had a lovely weekend away and popped into a beautiful dayspa @angourie
On the final day I was leaving, I spied a few products in the display case that I wanted. They were my typical loves of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser duo.
I did notice another pack which took my fancy but it had a hand and nail cream in it. Sigh… I got it anyway
I started using the triple pack at night and put this other 3 pack in the ensuite. I found myself in LOVE with the scent of the hand cream so on and on I used it.
I woke up literally 4 days later, literally shocked at how HARD and strong my nails were. I was shocked at how perfect the skin was around my cuticles. The skin on my entire hands is literally far smoother
(the previous week I was painting a LOT and had such dry skin) I was trying to think, how is this even possible… I was only using the hand cream for the scent, I had forgotten
it had other beneficial properties! I was religiously using other scented handcreams nightly (yes for the scent Smile and NOTHING ever made my hands and nails the haven they are now.
So what can I say, I am so impressed with this product… it actually works. I cannot praise it enough!
Here is the travel size available from Elemis!
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