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I have to say when I first viewed the packaging, I was impressed. White and gold? yes please. Popping open the beautifully designed oragami like lid to reveal a glorious mirror finish gold lid. I decided to put this glorious looking piece in the bathroom, ready for my evening routine but swapping out my moisturiser with this… and boy, what a treat it was.

Let’s start with the scent. Oh my god, take me to sweet heaven. You know, even if this didn’t work, I would still actually use it, purely for the fragrance it has!

The texture is so amazing, a solid balm indeed that melts into your skin. I have now been using this product for 3 weeks and have seen a wonderful improvement in the moisture of my skin. I have not experienced the dryness around my chin as I have previously suffered. I am utterly a massive fan of this product. Will absolutely keep it tied in with my nightly (and morning.. and whenever I feel like I want a bit of bliss) routine!



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